Who am I?

The toughest question ever, maybe.

My name’s Liza. I usually add: “with a z”. Easily confused.

I am a Masters student at UCL on a Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics programme. There we learn about interaction design, ergonomics, usability, evaluation methods, all that exciting sort of stuff. I feel I’ll be talking about the course quite a lot. In interesting and useful examples, obviously.

I am also a media volunteer at Oxfam, so I will talk about charity and changing the world as well. (Though I have to add: I am not one of those charity-geeks, so the posts will be quite civil; no serious activism stuff.)

I live in London, love:


music (oldschool rock, brit-pop, alternative, reggae, blues, rock’n’roll, a bit of electronic stuff as well)

reading (fiction, classics)

gym (muscles, protein and self-discipline)

sleeping (very essential this year)


That’s pretty much it. Stay connected.

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