What I think of the Skyfall James Bond Movie.

I am not great on film reviews. Unless I particularly like one. This was not the case (well, not so much anyway).

The parking. First of all, we went to the Leicester Sq Odeon on a Sat night. £13 for a student ticket, £16 adult.  As we came there by car we had to find a legitimate parking spot and found loads of troubles finding one instead. In the end we parked the car in Carlton Gardens, SW1Y, 15 mins away from the cinema. And that’s FAR by my standards.

The cinema. The cinema itself is very old, built in 1937 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odeon_Leicester_Square), and the auditorium layout is that of an old-fashioned theatre (with enough leg room, if you wonder).

The Skyfall. The development of the plot proceeds quite quickly, so the action starts straight away. The opening chase is very dynamic and fun to watch – but it’s end.. (i’m not going to spoil). Disappointing.  Further development would be a surprise only to a person who’s never seen a movie. Any movie. It was very and very predictable, with it’s jokes (funny and very British), guns and cars (which were not as jealousy-inducing as you’d think of Bond’s cars!). And the women – there were two, and guess who he goes for. You’ll see. Let me just say – even I could do better (or so I think). The whole scenario was so seen-it-before. It must be hard to make the 23rd Bond movie “new”. But hey, they’ve tried.

The aftertaste. I can’t say I enjoyed the movie enormously. I did. maybe not for the price and the time spent for all the adverts. I’d rather have rented it or watched online (legally, of course ;))


PS. check it out yourself: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1074638/

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