Vegetarian stew/braised veggie dish

It’s hard to pick a name for this veggie thing that I’d cooked, but guess I can settle on a “veggie stew”. It’s different veg braised with potatoes intended to go as a side dish (originally on the side of roasted chicken breasts) but can also be a main as well. This was not a set recipe, it was freestyle midnight cooking.


2 red peppers

1 aubergine

2 large onions

6 large baking potatoes

4 tomatoes

1 carrot

some sunflower oil

salt, black pepper, a couple of bay leaves and some hot chilli powder (any fresh herbs, such as coriander will be perfect as well)


Cooking instructions (takes about 80 minutes):

1. Preheat a medium sized frying pan on medium heat, add some oil (maybe 2 tablespoons, can do with less).

2. Chop the onions, start slightly frying it (with all veg here aim for medium-sized pieces, of a size that is comfortable to eat, but not too small so that they don’t become a paste in the cooking process).









3. Peel and slice the carrot, add to onions.











4. Chop red peppers, add to the frying pan.











5. Slice the aubergines, again add to the veg mix. Keep frying, don’t let it burn or boil in its own juices, we need the veg nice and firm-ish. Add a generous amount of black pepper to the vegetables. Keep stirring.









6. Peel potatoes, chop them and add to an empty teflon-covered saucepan.















7. Add all the veg to the potato-filled saucepan, fill it (2/3rds ) with water, mix and bring to the boil. Keep boiling.





8. Slice the tomatoes, throw them onto the emptied frying pan with a bit of oil and braise until it becomes a paste. Then add some chilli powder and black pepper. Then add the tomatoes to the saucepan with potatoes/veg.













9. Keep it boiling until the potatoes are soft (check by piercing them with a fork). Remember, that the veg should not be all covered with water, the saucepan should be 2/3 filled with water (which by now will be a nice veggie stock; e.g. there is too much liquid in the image). If there is too much liquid, take a spoon and a mug and dip the liquid out. It’s not a soup after all.


10. In the last 10-5 minutes, add a couple of bay leaves and salt. Mix.





11. Enjoy! You can add some fresh coriander directly to the plate.





Some notes: Any veg could be used, I just picked the ones that I liked. It’s quite healthy, low-calorie, but filling. And yum 🙂

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