Landgrabs campaign by Oxfam: London sold to greedy investors.

Get ready for a new all-over-UK national campaign by Oxfam. It will take place (everywhere) on 6th-9th December 2012. Local attractions will be “claimed” by Oxfam activists and signs just like one above will be put up. You will get the chance to empathise with the sense of deprivation that people in developing counties have to face more and more often. Don’t worry, cities will get their attractions back. What is less likely to happen to those who have already lost their homes to money-making industry in the face of landgrabs.

What are “landgrabs” and what does this all mean? If a piece of land is bought by industry investors – that’s investment and construction. If there were people living on that land and they were “removed” from their homes with little or no compensation and warning – that’s landgrabs. Many of those people would not have any other source of food except their land, many would have nowhere to go, thus deepening them into poverty. Every second developing counties lose a piece of land os a size of a football pith to landgrabs, facilitated by banks and private investors. What is there to do?

Many of such financial deals like buying a piece of land is curated and influenced by The World Bank, which also provides loans to developing countries. It can directly influence the deals that are made and how they are made. At the moment there are no set standards for buying land in developing countries, and hence people inhabiting the land are not accounted for. “The landgrabs campaign” aims to force The World bank to freeze the proceedings with selling developing countries’ land and create a fairer way of dealing with such matters. As I personally understand it, the examples may include that no land can be bought off by investors if there are people living there. Or that the people who have to be relocated are provided with means of supporting their families and are given new proper homes.

Oxfam is an international charity working to end poverty and hunger all across the world. It was set up in Oxford, UK, in 1942 and since then they have done an enormous amount of good work to change the world – from donating to major catastrophes to increasing awareness of women rights.

Currently I am a media volunteer at Oxfam, and hopefully I will be attending the landgrabs campaign in London in December 2012. If I do, I will tell all about it and make as many pictures as I can. In the meantime I will occasionally post about it to increase awareness. It will not interfere with my main focus – cooking. But cooking all these nice things seems so wrong at times!

You can find more information about Oxfam here:

And information about the landgrabs campaign here: (hint: sign a petition there if not anything else).

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