Oxfam Land grabs campaign December 2012.

Right, I am not timely. Been very busy. However, a week ago Oxfam campaign took place all over the UK to highlight the issues of land grabs in developing countries.

DSC01673 DSC01667

Local landmarks were “sold” to investors – big red signs were put next to them to inflict a sense of empathy for poor people who lose their land to investors buying it off and they have nowhere to live, nowhere to grow their food, and they are left with hardly any means for survival.

This issue can be stopped if World Bank puts forward regulations on how the land is bought in developing countries, such as to provide adequate compensations for local people, or not to buy the land where people live at all, that’s up to them. What’s up to us is raise awareness of this issue ad include as much media and government as possible – to make this problem matter.

If you want, you can steal these pictures and tweet/email them to your local MP (if you live in Islington, London) if you haven’t participated – or blog about the campaign – it all matters.

You can find more info on land grabs issue here: http://www.oxfam.org/en/grow/issues/land-grabs

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