Mixed meat (pork + beef) pasta bake.



Yeah, it’s a “vertical” pasta bake. Tastes just as any other well-made pasta bake, but gives +100 to awesomeness for looks.




Cooking time: quite a lot. a couple of hours min.

Ingredients list:

extra lean beef mince 500gr

lean pork mince 500 gr

penne around 3/4 of a pack

1 tbl spoon olive oil (extra virgin)

red wine (for cooking, add extra for drinking, if you want) 3 tbl spoons

chopped tomatoes 2 cans

extra light philadelphia 1 pack (i think it’s 200gr)

some cheddar, if you want (to keep bake base more sticky so that the bake doesn’t fall apart once cooked)

herbs and spices: a bit of everything displayed + some salt








The cooking process:

DSC01650 DSC01651 DSC01652 DSC01653 DSC01654 DSC01655 DSC01656 DSC01657 DSC01658 DSC01659 DSC01661 DSC016761. Mix minced meats and fry them until no liquid appears. Then add red wine and reduce the heat – wait for wine to be absorbed.




2. Add all the spices. (about 1 tea spoon of Worcester sauce). Also boil the pasta at this point.




3. Add chopped tomatoes; keep heat medium.










4. Let it boil in tomato sauce for 5 minutes and add philadelphia cheese, stir carefully and well.









5. Keep the baking tray inclined, and the pasta resting on its side. Fill the tray with pasta.




6. I was stupid enough to boil less pasta than needed. And so i did this to keep it from falling apart until i cooked more pasta.




7. ok, filled. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.





8. Put sauce on top of penne, cover all of it. You may want to sprinkle penne with cheese (like cheddar) first to make it more sticky, but i did without.



9. Cover it all. Then bake it for 15 minutes on middle shelf, or until it’s as crusty as you want.




10. ta-dam! make sure you don’t break it when taking out of the baking tray – it’s quite fragile. Serve and enjoy 🙂





PS. I think it’s supposed to be a bit Italian or something, but i generally create more or less of my own stuff instead of following recipes, so this is pretty much original and messed up from the proper cook’s point of view.

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8 Responses to Mixed meat (pork + beef) pasta bake.

  1. I love the presentation!! I’ve never seen any sort of vertical pasta dish; that’s completely brilliant. (Especially if any of the sauce from the meat dripped down into the center of the noodles!)

    • lizatemir says:

      thanx! one thing though, i wasn’t careful enough and it fell apart, i’d like to adjust it somehow so that the pasta is all stuck together 🙂

      • I wonder if you sprinkled a light layer of cheese between the pasta and meat layers if that would act like glue to hold the pasta together… Just a thought!

      • lizatemir says:

        i would think so. though i’d spread the cheese not only on pasta surface but also in-between the penne.

        but i try not to use hard cheeses in cooking.

      • I’m similar. I try to use very little cheese when cooking, except my guy loves the stuff! I can’t really think of very many savory sticky substances at the moment, only sugary marshmallows for rice krispie treats or honey for granola, but I’m sure you’ll come up with a smart solution!

      • lizatemir says:

        let’s hope so 🙂
        or just use marshmallows and be more like Joey from Friends, “what’s not to like: beef – gooood, pork – good, marshmallows – gooooooood”

      • Too funny! 😀
        Sounds like dinner and dessert, all in one dish!

  2. Анна Темир says:

    I want it!!! )))

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