Chicken and vegetable rice.

DSC01643I cooked this thing a couple of weeks ago and had to eat it for the whole week – hadn’t had time to cook new stuff. If I ever had to eat the same single dish for a long period of time again – that’d be it.

So, it’s rice, chicken and different veg cooked together to resemble the style of Asian fried rice but with more of a consistence of a risotto.

Cooking time: 1.5 hours

Ingredients and calories:

  • chicken breast     (850 gr x 138 kcal = 1173 kcal (protein: 195 g; fat: 8 g))
  • baby corns     (175 gr x 26 kcal = 45.5 kcal  (protein: 5 g; carbs: 6.2 g; fat: 0.8 g; fibre: 3.4 g))
  • green beans     (200 gr x 31 kcal = 62 kcal  (protein: 3.6 g; carbs: 14.3 g of which sugars 2.8 g; fat: 0.2 g; fibre: 6.8 g))
  • red peppers     (300 gr x 26 kcal = 78 kcal (protein: 3 g; carbs: 18.9 g of which sugars 12.6 g; fat: 0.9 g; fibre: 6.3 g) – high sugar veg, simple carbs)
  • sunflower oil for veg      (1/2 table spoon x 125 kcal = 62.5 kcal (fat: 6.9 g))
  • sunflower oil for chicken     ((technically, if you want – can do without it; but some fat is needed for the body anyway), 1 table spoon x 125 kcal = 125 kcal (fat: 13.8 g))
  • onions      (150 gr x 41 kcal = 61.5 kcal (protein: 1.4 g; carbs: 15.2 g; fat: 0.1 g))
  • brown rice     (200 gr dry weight x 362 kcal = 724 kcal (protein: 15 g; carbs: 152.4 g; fat: 5.4 g; fibre: 6.8 g))
  • some soya sauce

Overall dish nutrition values per 100 g:  

kcal: 106

protein: 10

carbs: 9.4

fat: 1.6

Cooking instructions:

DSC01628 DSC01629 DSC01630 DSC01631 DSC01632 DSC01633 DSC01634 DSC01635 DSC01636 DSC01637 DSC01638 DSC01639 DSC01640 DSC01641

1. boil chicken breasts as usual. (around 25 minutes)





2. don’t forget to remove the foam 🙂





3. chop baby corns





4. stir-fry them and put in a big saucepan, set aside. (for all stir-frying i used only a little oil, and only for onions).




5. stir-fry chopped green beans and add to baby corns.





6. chop peppers and stir-fry them.










7. slice onions, add half a table spoon of oil (can use stir-fry oil, or sesame oil) and sauté them until golden.









8. slice the chicken.





9. OPTIONAL: stir-fry the chicken to make it more crispy. This essentially adds a table spoon of oil and about 13 g of fat to the recipe – you can simply add chopped boiled  chicken to vegetables.



10. add approx 200 g (dry weight) of brown rice to chicken and veg mix.




11. fill in the saucepan with water – do not cover the whole of ingredients, aim for 3/4. Boil for about 30 mins (took quite a long time, i know).




12. enjoy! if there is water excess – it will get absorbed.




PS. can anyone please comment whether all the nutritional values calculations were useful at all?

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2 Responses to Chicken and vegetable rice.

  1. Анна Темир says:

    Of course, they were, no doubt!

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