Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign launch, January 23rd, 2013.

Hey everyone. On January 23rd a new multi-charity Enough Food For Everyone IF (#IF) campaign to stop world hunger has launched.





(photo from https://www.facebook.com/Enoughfoodif)


The campaign stands on four big IFs, which need to be satisfied for world hunger and poverty to end:

  • IF the poorest get appropriate aid to stop children from dying
  • IF governments force businesses to stop of tax dodging in developing countries
  • IF landgrabs are stopped in developing countries
  • IF governments and businesses make all their actions transparent so that everyone could see how these actions can harm poor countries/people if so

This is especially important since the G8 leaders are gathering in the UK this year. Celebrities, activists, influential people, and regular people like me are all trying to shout as much as possible about this campaign so that those with power notice it – no one is going to take action on a cause that no one supports.

On the day, we all gathered in the Somerset House courtyard, never-mind the freezing weather a big crowd came (sorry for images quality – my camera broke and so I had to use my phone).








We were shown an amazing 3-D projection on the walls of Somerset House and videos of those who supported the campaign but could not be there. (here is the link to the video – http://youtu.be/X_02i_iW45c).









(Bill Gates)






(Orlando Bloom)





Some famous people also gave inspirational talks about why they support #IF and what results they want to see, such as Bill Nighy and Bonnie Wright.

IMG-20130123-00045 IMG-20130123-00052












Some people die of hunger while I am cooking all the nice stuff and post it to here. You can see all kinds of messages about world hunger and how awful it is, but those are too far away to help. Are they? Basically, you can do several things to help (and it’s not going to take much from you, but will really matter for the world):

  • tweet about the campaign with a #IF tag
  • blog about it
  • sign up at enoughfoodif.org
  • tell people about it 🙂

The official Enough Food IF video here: http://youtu.be/Xi38ZtG4NhM

The official campaign website (scroll down, it’s a fun design): enoughfoodif.org

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