Healthy breakfast ideas: make porridge less boring.

The idea behind a good healthy breakfast is to eat a mix of complex and simple carbs (to raise sugar levels after sleep and keep them steady for longer) and some protein. Usually I get hungry very soon after breakfast, as soon as in 1.5 hours, and I try solving this problem by 1. eating a very filling breakfast and 2. having a second breakfast in about 2-3 hours.

Here is one of my favourite first breakfast variations:

  • Porridge. Plain porridge (the unprocessed flaky one is the best, the one you need to cook on the hob) is a carbohydrate fix but it is the complex carbs, which will steadily release energy and keep you full. Berries, fruit and honey provide a source of simple carbs – a pick you up after a hopefully long sleep. Eaten alone these simple carbs trigger spikes in blood sugar, when you feel really good, full and happy and then you go straight to the bottom of the carb-craving hole. Aim for about 2/3 of breakfast to be complex carbs and the rest 1/3 anything from simple carbs to protein, but not fat.


Porridge can be with both berries and honey (without sugar), made from scratch






It can be with just berries, made in a microwave from a pre-made sachet (choose one with least sugar, etc)





It can also be plain but with a glass of juice (pressed, if possible)





You can also make it with either milk or water – and the water one will save you about 10g sugar per average portion (compared to using skimmed milk from a supermarket) and will still taste bearable.

Try adding any fruits or berries to your morning porridge: sliced bananas, blueberries, raspberries; or dried fruit such as dried apricots – but just add some, especially with dried fruit to avoid overly sugary meal. Though with blueberries, I have read that they lose most of their super powers when combined with protein (which is contained in milk – so best used with water-based porridge!). A generous amount of ground cinnamon will make porridge sweet and aromatic with no strings attached.

I would not recommend adding nuts to your porridge since they are high in fat and consumption of carbs and fats together makes it that much likely food to turn into your body fat – caused by chemical reactions in the body (let me know if you want to know more and I can post about it).

And for the bravest: some people eat savoury porridge with salt (well, my mom does). It’s  got a very specific taste, but hey you might like it. Add caramelised onions, for example.. I will not provide photos of it – I like my porridge sweet! – but go ahead and try. I saw some savoury muffins with onions the other day here 🙂

PS. If anyone has any objections or comments to my explanations – please let me know. I am always up for learning about healthy eating.

How do you eat you porridge?

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4 Responses to Healthy breakfast ideas: make porridge less boring.

  1. Anna Temir says:

    I eat porridge with salt. But yours – mmmmm, tasty idea!))

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