Home made chicken kievs and such things with various fillings (mushroom and bacon).


<- I have troubles naming them. Any suggestions? Stuffed chicken cutlets? Stuffed chicken?

The top one is filled with mushrooms and the bottom one is, in fact, a chicken kiev (which conveniently has got a proper name). Upon request I made a couple stuffed with bacon (trimmed of fat), but forgot to photograph them.


It is what it looks like: a breadcrumb crust, a thick layer of fine minced chicken breast and a centre filled with good stuff.




Ingredients (makes 10):

chicken breast, 1500g (or chicken breast mince if you don’t have a food processor)

mushrooms, 300g

garlic, 2 big cloves

bacon, 6 pieces

sunflower oil, 3 table spoons

butter and herbs, such as parsley

eggs, 2 large

breadcrumbs, 100g



IMG-20130119-00015 IMG-20130119-00016 IMG-20130119-000171. chop mushrooms finely, sauté over medium heat on Fry Light oil spray










2. chop garlic and add to mushrooms, not much need to cook further





(cooked mushrooms)

[For a chicken kiev, have ready: butter mixed with ground or fresh garlic and parsley until smells as you like it,put in the fridge so that it’s nice and firm when you need it :)]

[If you want these with bacon, cook bacon as you wish and set aside]



3. in a food processor, “shred” chicken breasts








(mince done)




IMG-20130119-00032 IMG-20130119-00033

4. Wet your hands, form a thin circular layer of chicken mince either on a board or a hand and place filling in the middle.















IMG-20130119-00025 IMG-20130119-00026 IMG-20130119-00027 IMG-20130119-00028 IMG-20130119-00029 IMG-20130119-00030 IMG-20130119-00031

5. Close the thing from all sides and take care to really close it, pass it from one hand to another, ensuring that all edges are sealed.









6. Dip it in the slightly whisked egg (have eggs on a shallow plate for easier dipping).





7. Cover in breadcrumbs..










8. Fry on medium heat for about 10 minutes each side, until golden.




9. Serve and enjoy!





Does anyone have any ideas on how to call them? 🙂 Let me know.

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One Response to Home made chicken kievs and such things with various fillings (mushroom and bacon).

  1. Konstantin says:

    Call em awesometasting chicken thingis’ =)

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