Olive pork: extra lean pork stir-fried with green olives and onion.

IMG-20130131-00091I love pork. And onions. And olives. And I have once had an idea of cooking with only 3 main ingredients (which, of course, has not worked out well for me as I love loads of stuff) so here we are. This is a simple thing: extra lean pork, stir-fried with onions and chopped green olives. 



Cooking time: hhmm maybe 45 minutes? maybe slightly less.


extra lean pork, 450g

onions, 2 large, sliced thinly

green olives, 100g, cut in halves

just a bit of dijon mustard, salt and black pepper to season

Fry light oil spray

The process:

IMG-20130131-00082 IMG-20130131-00083 IMG-20130131-00084 IMG-20130131-00085 IMG-20130131-00086 IMG-20130131-00088 IMG-20130131-00090 IMG-20130131-00092

1. Cut olives in halves and set aside.





2. Chop pork into cubes.






3. Cover pan with oil/oil spray and fry pork on very high heat until as brown as you wish. Reduce heat to medium once pork is done.



4. Add sliced onions.





5. Keep frying on medium heat until onions are golden. Add salt and pepper (be careful though – add less salt than usual to compensate for salty olives!).




6. Add olives and keep stir-frying for 5-7 minutes.




7. In the last couple of minutes add a bit of dijon mustard, maybe a non-heaped tea spoon or so.




8. Enjoy!






PS True story: I ran out of sunflower oil about 3 weeks ago and still didn’t buy any. Frying goes great still – I highly recommend trying oil spays: usually to cover a medium-sized frying pan it would take you 10 kcal of spray vs 120 kcal of real oil. Though it has a distinctive smell once you spray it on, the smell completely disappears by the time the dish is done.

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