How to cook chicken: my top 3 low-fat/fast chicken breast mains.

DSC016941. Milk-marinated chicken breasts (ingredients: chicken breasts, milk, any spices you like, light frying oil spray).





IMG-20130128-000722. Roasted sliced (or whole) chicken breast in paprika and garlic (ingredients:  chicken breast and spices – paprika, black pepper, salt, ground coriander and garlic, fresh or dry and ground).



IMG-20130310-001653. Chicken fried in garlic, ginger and turmeric (ingredients: chicken breasts, light frying oil spray and spices – ground ginger, garlic, turmeric and salt).




For recipes, scroll down 🙂

Obviously, there are more complex chicken breast-based dishes I cook, but these are the simplest ones. You can check out more recipes I posted that use breasts as main ingredient:

Chicken breast, mushroom and spinach pasta:

Chicken + vegetable rice:

So, the recipes.

1. Milk-marinated chicken breasts.

Sounds weird, right? I had come across a yoghurt-marinated chicken somewhere, but run out of yoghurt and decided to try it with milk; and after that it became my favourite chicken breast recipe ever. It’s really easy and diet-friendly and most importantly it diversifies the boring “plain boiled chicken breast” type of meals where you stick to it for its low-fat goodness.

Here is the process:


1.1. Make a cut in the middle of a washed chicken breast, so that you can expand it.






1.2. Tenderise it, until increased in size, but don’t let it tear.





1.3. Do that for all breasts, put into a container an fill with milk, so that chicken is fully covered. Leave in the fridge for anything from 15 minutes to a couple of hours to soak.





1.4. Drain chicken.






1.5. Fry on moderate-to-high heat and ‘fry light oil’ spray – there is enough liquid in chicken to keep it moist, but it is prone to sticking even on a teflon pan.




1.6. Add spices that you like in the last 7 minutes – my all time favourites for chicken are black pepper, coriander and paprika, but this recipe gives so much flavour that you don’t need more that just a plain salt/pepper combination.



1.7. Serve and enjoy 🙂






2. Roasted sliced (or whole) chicken breast in paprika and garlic.

This is my favourite combination of spices for chicken. You slice them up, through onto a baking tray with the spices, leave in the oven at 170 for 30 minutes, and enjoy. That easy. Don’t overdo with the garlic though, if you plan on going out or something.

paprika pepper salt coriander garlic sliced IMG-20130128-00072












3. Chicken fried in garlic, ginger and turmeric.

IMG-20130310-00162 IMG-20130310-00163 IMG-20130310-00164 IMG-20130310-00165

3.1. Fry the chicken on high heat.





3.2. Throw in the spices (ginger, garlic, turmeric and salt).





3.3. Fry until as crispy as you want.





3.4. Enjoy!





Yeah, long post.

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