Have you ever cooked a hedgehog? I have.



Bet you haven’t.


Seriously though, of course these aren’t real hedgehogs being cooked, but rather a typical Russian childhood food made of beef mince. The dish is called “the hedgehogs” or “yozhiki” in Russian because of its looks. My mom used to make them when she had no time for more complex stuff. This is the taste of my childhood!!!

Have a look, resemblance is unmistakable:




No? Whatever. They taste amazing.




Here is what you need:

  • Beef mince (I used extra lean, ofc), or pork + beef mince 50/50
  • Rice (can’t tell you how much, but will show the consistency of approximately how much you should put) – around 2 cups?
  • Onions, a couple
  • Carrots, a couple
  • Soured cream, 1 can
  • 1-2 eggs (nevermind that I put 3)
  • Spices, whatever you like, I put black pepper and salt only

IMG-20130831-005831. Mix raw meat mince with dry rice in proportions so that it looks approximately like the image (you can easily vary how much f each you want, put less or more rice, it’s all fine).




2. Add eggs (1-2), salt and pepper. Make balls size of a tiny fist (God, wtf?) Make orange-sized balls out of the mass. Boil a big saucepan of water.





3. Put the balls into water carefully, bring to the boil.





4. Add soured cream once they have started boiling and you removed the frothy foam.






5. Let it boil on low heat for 40-45 mins. In the last 10 minutes you can add sauteed carrots and onions, finely chopped for extra taste.





6. The broth will be thicker at the end, and slightly yellow-ish. Soured cream will separate, but you just stir it up and leave cooking.




PS. Hey mom! 😉 I love you.

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One Response to Have you ever cooked a hedgehog? I have.

  1. Anna Temir says:

    I love you too!))

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