About me

My name’s Liza, I am 21, live in central London (well, for now), go to UCL (Masters in Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics) and volunteer at OxfamGB.

I write about cooking and post cooking tutorials and recipes of low-calorie, healthy foods. I do cook some treats sometimes as well, so don’ t be shocked when you see some cakes 🙂 I train a lot so I like eating high protein, low carb and low fat things. But if I’m not fed with something nice, I break and eat whatever, so “things” have to be tasty and I try to cook that.

I also participate in charity campaigns which are predominantly run by Oxfam to end world hunger/poverty. I’ve never really believed in charity and changing the world, but now I am starting to; and so I write about things that happen at Oxfam.

I would gladly switch to organic and support local producers – let me just finish studying and get a job first 🙂

So, if, like me, you love either food or charity or both, join me.


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