Packed lunch ideas! 12 things to take to uni/work/school for a healthy meal.

Hey everyone! Thanks for following me 🙂 So, lunch.

I always have a lunchbox with me for two reasons: whatever healthy stuff I put there beforehand, there is no way of getting out of eating it afterwards – and I end up eating brown rice instead of a fatty sandwich. The second reason is that it saves me so much time not spent in queues in cafes and canteens, and money – these £5 everyday become around a £100 pm and £1200 per year.

I’ve been taking pictures of my packed lunches for the past I don’t know how long and below are the best and varied ones.

IMG-20130118-00010 IMG-20130128-00073 IMG-20130130-00077 IMG-20130207-00107 IMG-20130225-00134 IMG-20130228-00138 IMG-20130301-00139 IMG-20130310-00166 DSC01645 DSC01647 DSC01681 IMG-20130203-00103


Roasted chicken breast, boiled baby potatoes, green beans and red peppers and honey/mustard sauce (equal parts of honey, balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard).



Roasted paprika and garlic chicken breast, brown rice, and plum tomatoes and red peppers.




Same thing, but with green beans.





Chicken breast, green beans and red peppers and salad as a side (cucumbers, potatoes, egg whites, dill and olive oil).




Smoked salmon, lettuce, baby potatoes, plum tomatoes, red peppers, green beans and honey/mustard sauce. This is my favourite, but it smells of fish.




Same as above but with hard-boiled eggs.





Sweetcorn tuna pasta with dijon mustard/olive oil dressing (no mayo!).




Ginger, garlic ad turmeric chicken (in a post below), leftovers of jacket potatoes and green beans. Surprisingly, jacket potato leftovers were awesome for lunch, I really enjoyed it.



Sandwich: ham, lettuce, laughing cow extra light soft cheese.





Chicken breasts, eggs and dijon mustard (again, no mayo). This is a real protein kick and I felt full for hours afterwards.




Ham and eggs on mustard.





Mustard, cucumbers and smoked salmon, with black pepper.




So hey, nothing major. I also always have a small container of cottage cheese with me for my second breakfast 😉 And some cashew nuts. God, I eat a lot!

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  1. Анна Темир says:

    Good idea!))

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