I am back with Banana-choc fitness pancakes for breakfast!

Hi everyone. I’ve been a bit [too] busy with uni and work, and totally abandoned this blog. But! I’ve got a few new things I now cook, and a lot more changes to my eating habits. I also lost around 10cm in the waist in the past year, got more muscular, and did Tough Mudder (if anyone is interested in my updates). I will be writing about all of these super-exciting things soon. But let’s get back to my pancakes.


I got tired of eating my regular water-based porridge+2 eggs+fruit+supplements breakfast. I googled fitness pancakes, modified the recipe to be chocolatey, and this is what happened. Actually, i now make these every weekend, and at the bottom of the page there is a variation with fresh coconut.


They are very thick, very filling, and are moderately sweet, though i did not add extra sugar. Should I mention they are extremely CHOCOLATEY?





Nutritional values for one portion are:

Total cals: 418

Protein: 37

Carbs: 41.5

Sugar: 11.2

Fat: 10.4

Sat. fat: 3.2

(Not including cherries or kiwi; there is still room for fruit and even a piece of chocolate!)

IMG-20130721-00436Oh yeah, i’m switching my protein to ON, so don’t mock me. What have we got here:

– cocoa, table spoon

– 1 egg yolk, 3 whites

– 1 scoop (25g) of belgian chocolate whey protein


– half banana

– 44g oats sachet (plain)

– oil spray



Mix it all up.







Divide into 3 or 4 parts, and put onto a well-heated pan covered in oil spray (or oil, your call). Keep heat LOW!





Wait around 3 minutes, turn.










PS I’ve also once added fresh cocoa instead of banana once – a bit more unsat fat, less sugar, and as good.






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